Entrails contain an abundance of different nutrients. For example, when a lion catches it's prey, they eat the entrails first because they know there is an abundance of nutrients stored there.
The entrails served at our restaurant is enjoyable for for those who do not usually eat them. You can even feel a mass of vital energy with an Assortment of Entrails
We always have fresh venison from Hokkaido. It is tender and tastes great with salt.
Smoked meat:
Grilling is not the only way to enhance the flavor of meat. Seasoning meats before grilling them is not the only way to enhance their flavor. You can also enhance the flavor of meat by adding wood chips from cherry blossoms and walnuts to the charcoal.
Many people after say “Liver is not my favorite.” but they might have not eaten fresh liver before. There are many people who change their after eating fresh liver in Maruichi.
Cold noodle:
We recommend cold noodles which is similar to nihon soba at the end of your meal. Please try them before seasoning.
Have a good time:
We also have Bibimbap on stone bowl and hot pot of beef giblets(winter limited) for the last. Please call us for your reservation on the reservation page. We are looking forward to you visiting our restaurant.
The view from the seat:
You can enjoy the cherry blossoms in Hatogaya from your seat.
In the season of cherry blossoms, you can taste the cherry trees of Hatagaya where cherry blossoms are in full bloom in special seats. Please enjoy by reservation by all means.